International Student Ministry

The aim of IFES-ISM is to offer hospitality and friendship to international students through local activities and national weekends. We welcome students from all over the world regardless their cultural or religious background. Every year around 110,000-115,000 students from all over the world are coming to the Netherlands to do (a part of) their study. Germany, China, Belgium, Spain, France, and many more countries are represented. Living in another country can be a challenging time. We hope we can help you to make your time in the Netherlands a great experience!

IFES Netherlands is a Christian organization, part of IFES World. We offer a broad spectrum of activities such as:
  • I-cafés and other social and cultural events
  • bible study groups
  • host family program
  • eat & meet with Dutch students


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Postbus 820
3900 AV Veenendaal

(030) 294 28 00

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