Start Your Day, Uncover a Classic

Start Your Day, Uncover a Classic
These days of staying home are the days to be inspired by classic masterpieces and great historical figures. Opportunities to see and read valuable life lessons!
But…ofcourse it’s a challenge for many of us – in times where its harder to have good day rhythm and structure – to actually make it happen.
So…how about reading something inspiring together at the start of the day? Get some cool inspiration during breakfast and help each other kick off the day well.
Join in to explore an eyewitness account of Jesus, a historical figure surrounded by mystery. Build up a picture of Jesus by the people he meets, and things people say about him. See how Jesus reacts to people telling their stories - people asking questions, seeking relationships, searching for something more.
Five times, Tuesday 9am – 9.45am. Starting May 5th. Welcome to check in in pyjama’s, with breakfast. Be yourself and share honest observations and thoughts.
Send us a fb message if you like to join and you will receive the meeting link. If you also send your postadres you’ll find a printed book of an eyewitness account for free in your post box!
Hendrik & Tirtsa
Note: if you’d like to join but the time slot is difficult for you, let us know so we can see if we can plan another time slot as well!

Hendrik Timmer

Hendrik Timmer

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