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International Student Ministry Nijmegen has existed for several years.
We are passionate about the amazing love of Jesus Christ based on the Word of God and search for guidance through his Spirit. We aim to be a community where every international student of Radboud University and HAN University of Applied Sciences can share what is on their mind, regardless of background, religious or non-religious, or whatever denomination.
We meet up for Bible study, prayer, worship and have discussions about all sorts of questions about life. We like to think together and share our thoughts in an open-minded and open-hearted way.
Activities in Nijmegen

Every two weeks , on Thursday, we come together for Bible Study in Perplex, a wonderful location in the
city centre. Before the Bible Studies we enjoy a delicious and filling dinner.

We alternate  Bible studies with a good movie that we tend discuss afterwards, and enjoy ourselves with
other  social activities like ice skating.

Starting from September 21 th till December 7th 2019 we have planned an Alpha Students Course on
Saturday morning from 11:30 – 14:30 starting with a brunch.

Around Christmas and Pentecost we organise a gathering to meet and to enjoy a meal with food from
different cultural backgrounds.

We try to connect international students with Dutch students in Nijmegen and we will help you to find a
Church if you want to.

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