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otterdam is the city with the most international students in Holland. This is a great opportunity to meet many people from many different cultures and countries and make friends. This is the goal of Friends Rotterdam, the international student organization. We hope you feel welcome and like to offer you hospitality. We do so by means of different activities, like cultural evenings, eat & meets, and excursions. Friends Rotterdam is a group composed of Christians and likes to share what the Bible teaches about Jesus. If you are interested, you are most welcome to join the Bible study group and explore more.
Will you meet other international students during a great diner? Or will we see you with shaking knees at 100 meters in the 'Euromast'. Are you afraid of heights? No worry, just join us in the cinema, eating popcorn.

Every two we meet to have Fun, Food, and Friendship. The evenings are very informal. There will be a dinner, and we just hang out together, talk, and watch a movie, or maybe do something else. Often the evenings have an intercultural theme where students present their cultures. Also every now and then we plan a tourist excursion, to discover the tourist hot spots of Rotterdam and surroundings.


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