Do it!

Sharing the Good News in a skeptical world

When: Saturday March 6, 2021
Where: online, please sign up to receive a Zoom link (preferably March 4 at the latest!)
Time: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Cost: free

This Do it! our colleague Marieke Sybrandi will share lessons from the book: Evangelism in a skeptical world – how to make the unbelievable news about Jesus more believable by Sam Chan. Topics in the book are:
How do I tell my friends about Jesus, strategies for sharing Jesus, evangelism to postmoderns, contextualization for evangelism and much more! We will have workshops where you can further dive into different topics together. Workshops planned so far:
How to tell our personal story by Francina de Pater
How to do online evangelism by Tom van Lieshout (city coach Amsterdam - Studentlife)
How to listen well and answer skeptical questions by Betty Sari

And of course we will have time to meet each other in break out rooms, share and pray together. Join us and sign up as soon as you can! Looking forward to see you on March 6!

Francina de Pater

ISM Director
Francina de Pater

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